Thursday, 14 May 2009

Still Jonny from the Blog

So, if it aint a Blue Peter Presenter its S Club 7, if it's not Pete Doherty its Amy Winehouse. It seems we're all doing drugs these days (except me mom!) , and it comes as no surprise to most of us that celebs are among the most guilty.

But for years and years it never seemed to be a problem. Gigs generally happened when they were planned and those most famous for their habits were usually the most creative (The Beatles for one.) Sure the odd hotel room got demolished, but it was good, clean, hazy fun. Even now such crazies seem perfectly normal, fatherly figures for us all to look up to (like alledged wife beater David Hasselhoff) and saner than sane Ozzy Osborne. Not a good example...

But recently there has been a spate of no shows, media interest and un-needed press. I have to wonder why today it seem we have more celebs falling apart. Did the press just not report it? Its a strange state of affairs when Amy Winehouse's boyfriend tops the news bill over world politics. Obviously its what we like to hear about, but as news journalists, surely apaers have a responsibility to steer news in the correct direction? Those that want to read about Amy Winehouse can read a music magazine, look on the internet or just turn the bloody page to the music section.

What happened to lovely poetry award winning Pete and wonderfully voluptuous Amy? They got famous, and got money. That's what happened.

These guys were timebombs just waiting for a spark of ignition and money was that spark. If such people were middle class guys working in telemarketing they would wear suits and reminicse about the time at uni when they got stoned and ate 5 pot noodles in a row. Instead they can get as much as they want of any drug, drink, fast food etc etc All it takes is a certain personality to get into trouble with that.

But what people don't seem to think about is that being an artist is a job. Like you shouldn't get pissed-faced the night before work, you shouldn't the night before a gig. People are paying you, so you owe it to them to turn up and be on form.

It doesn't help that Amy, the current focus of the tabloids, has what appears to be a complete beserker for a boyfriend, and while I can't compare myself to the celebs I assure you, if this blog brings me fame and fortune, I will still be Jonny from the Blog.

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